20 sketches in as many days

For twenty days in February I made time for 'a sketch a day'. Not really knowing what to expect, just wanted to motivate myself to draw whether or not I 'felt like it'. What this experiment revealed was unexpected and so interesting to me. It revealed that my favourite choice of medium to sketch with is ...crayon! That using my phone to create digital sketches from photos is a fantastic tool to focus on those basic elements of art (shape, line, colour, form and texture) with emphasis on light. Most importantly that I have found where my heart really lies when it comes to picture making....landscape. I could have opted to draw anything (yes I have deliberately left out the 'iron' sketch from this collection) yet I yearned to get outside and capture the hills, the coastline, the dramatic skies and of course the odd cabbage tree!

#sketch #crayon #cabbagetree #sketchaday #draw #landscape #digital

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