One view, but never the same

Cabbage Tree Studio has been in residence at Hannahs at Seale-Hayne since the summer. It's the most unique, calm, inspiring place & having the studio here has set free the artist in me again! Every Thursday I get up, get myself and the family ready in the organised chaos that is home, take the boys to pre-school, and after big hugs & kisses I get in the car & hit the road full of anticipation of what the day will hold.

Today I came back to a couple of oil paintings of Berry Head and the Brixham breakwater. The project began with a commission but I haven't started it yet. I'm spending months looking at the view, different weather, different times of day & realise it's so never see the same view twice. The single painting has quickly become a series. An investigation, an experiment. I am painting on various scales & depicting the changes in light and colour.

I've been looking at the work of Pam Carter and have decided my next oil painting will start & finish in one day. I am blown away by the harmony of colour, light & contrast in her work. On reflection I realise the choices I make over time become confused. I love the energy of painting in the moment and making quick, instinctive decisions about colour, light and composition that leave no time for deliberation.

#Hannahs #SealeHayne #studio #oils #Berry #Head #Brixham #breakwater #colour #light #Pam #Carter #series #view #weather

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